Sunday, November 4, 2012

Form 1 to SPM

Hi! Starting this post today was really challenging since I haven't been posting stuff out in awhile! I tried to do something different but really I'm just not that talented.. sooo..anyway,as you all may know i am from Malaysia but moved to Australia and i'm not sure if yous know that i was in a government school from year 1 to year 7(known as form 1)..honestly best years of my life..i had friends and i was happy.. i felt as if i belong..and im going off topic.. so i left the government system when i was in year 8(form 2) to join the private schooling system..well homeschooling to be precise! and i moved to australia when i was in year 9(form 3) is now my 3rd year in australia and im not complaining since i managed to escape all the compulsory national exams.. high school in malaysia ends when you're in year 11(form 5) and there is a compulsory exam that needs to be taken to prove that you had gone through 5 years of high school..and it is called Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) or in english the Malaysian Certificate of my eyes its sort of like a qualification test to get accepted into college after high school and that you are capable of doing well in it! so excuse me if i do some maths right this moment..i cant help asian and its in my blood..=p since i left in year 7 and im currently suppose to be in form 5 which means i have not seen any of my classmates for 4 years total! that is a fucking long time and a few days ago was their official last day of high school and the high school i went had a lil farewell party just to end their 5 years of education at that particular school and there were pictures.. as i went through the large amounts of pictures spamming my facebook brought back plenty of memories and eventho i only spent a whole year with them..they have definitely been considered as family and that will never change! whenever i think about them,it brings tears to my eyes because i know that i probably would never see them again and facebook really isnt my favourite kind of way in communicating with people.. tomorrow begins their SPM and i just wanna wish them all the best(hopefully they read this) and God Bless!! I'm positive that they'll all do well..and will be happy with their results!! I love you guys and I always will!! Definitely a catch up is needed whenever i am back in malaysia..Miss yous!! xoxoxoxo =D p.s. to all the readers out there i know this is an extremely random post but thats just me! =D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Year 10 Formal 2011

hey!! it's late, it's cold..i is suppose to be studying physics but hell to that! i rather write something for you guys than do something i dont enjoy...STUDYING!! ugh!!! i was feeling bored so i went through all my pictures i have on my hard drive so i can do some clean up! but then i saw pictures from my year 10 formal!! and realised that i didnt show you guys them!! so this is probably be a post full of pictures just for a change cause i bet you guys are bored of reading all the time!! and a change will be good!!! but i will be giving a brief summary of how that night and all that!! =) Tuesday,29th November 2011 (Formal Day),spent the whole day with the most amazing bestie who did my hair, then we went over to a nearby Park (Cook's Park) at 6pm to get our pictures taken and then proceeded to the Orange Ex-Services Club where the dinner will happen! This is a Community Club where only members are only able to spend time there!! had great food,great music and a fantastic most pit, lots of laughs,memories and many more that will definitely not be forgotten!! did A LOT of dancing..feet killed after!!! ended the night at about 11pm where dad came to pick me up! all in was a fantastic night!! c
just couldnt have asked for a better night!! well,it is that time again where i leave to do something pointless!!! back to studying i go!! see ya!! =D

Sunday, May 6, 2012


whut up whut up!! people?! i know..i is a gay as mufucka for not writing anymore?! lemme explain..i started senior year today and senior year is like the busiest 2 years i can ever have in high typical me..studying and all that exams and assignments..c'yeahh!!! ok well..if yous all forgives me already..i continue with the post!! so this i actually about faceboook and the "TREND" know how everyone are writing statuses saying "like for a like" or "like for a tbh"... i did one during the holidays cause i was bored as hell and really..i just didn't know what to do for 2 weeks... so im gonna post it here cause i promised someone that i was gonna do it! but before i let you guys read it!! i shall clarify things that might be confusing to you who don't really know who i am!! well,im a protestant, christian.. i went to year 7(known as form 1 in malaysia) in a government high school and i had a best friend named jolyn been 4 years and we is still best buds for lyf!!! im no lesbian or anything but on facebook i have a fake relationship with her saying that i were here to clarify things.. im just engaged to my best buddy in the whole wide world as a meaning of me wanting to forever knowing her!!! that's all!! that is all!!! <3 <3 <3 ENJOY brosefs!!! xoxo OH DEAR LORD where do i even start with this!!! my beautiful jolyn khoo!! i like that we met and became best of friends after since form 1.. i like how we have our awesome dnms(deep and meaningful moments) where we catch up on each others life! i like that im gonna marry you someday when i get back to malaysia i like that i sorta helped you in choosing your facebook name! i like that i still can remember your chinese name and i dont remember a lot of stuff from all the drinking! i like we are so close together and we both be christians and you been to PCC like a few times! i like how your mumma likes tim tams and i always be getting them when i know that im gonna see you! i like how GORGEOUS you are and how you have the most ROCKING body ever! i like that you're like the awesomest drawer ever.. i likes that you taught me chinese in form 1 cause i was horrible at it which sort of helped me communicate a lil better with everyone else.. i like that you're so multilingual and that you're the master of all languages.. i like the cute little laugh you make! i like the fact that we'll always be there for each other when needed eventho we're like 19 hours away from each other! i like that you always put a smile to my face when times are the worst of the worst! i like the couple day outs at sunway carnival with steph when i came back AGES AGO and the gam gajah at the caves which epicly failed! i like the camp that i made you come with and what happened that night! i like your voice when you sing or when you talk because you have the most awesomest voice ever! i like that we did choir speaking together and didnt win but still had so much fun! i like that we sung together so much and shared songs like the hell was loose and the first song we sang together was silent night with the other jolyn's/ joelyn and it wasnt even was more of start of school kind of thing! i love you babe!! you never fail to make me smile EVER and im the luckiest person to have you and whatever boy that wants to be your boyfiee has to come through me and i has to approve and if anyone hurts you i shall break all their bones! I LOVE YOU JOLYN KHOO!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ =D xx p.s. i could literally write a book about us!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

how to spend a saturday?!

hey everyone!! i know i've been MIA(Missing In Action) for awhile now but i guess you're all use to it now since i always am!!
The reason I've not been able to write in here was cause I had been back in Malaysia since the 19th and there weren't a lot of time for me to get on the internet! so now i am updating all of you about where i've been! now after returning back from australia last night, and what i have gone through today.. it got me thinking on a post that i could write about!
today, is January the 28th and i have just arrived in australia from malaysia early this morning at 12:20 midnight. i got back to my aunty's place at around 2:40am and went to bed at about 3:30am cause we were talking and what not!
we all knew that we were going to have a busy day ahead of us and that we had to be up and running by 9:30am!
but due to my lack of sleep and my aunty's parshall insomnia we both could not get up at the time we planned to!
at 10 am we got up, got dressed, had breakfast and headed out!! we went to a house my aunty owns half an hour to where we had stayed last night.
for the rest of the day, we were measuring, nailing, painting, scraping, sweeping and many more. that took us from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, about 9 hours worth of work which is quite a lot for me cause i usually spend saturdays either doing homework or sleeping or playing with my laptop. (yes, i do know that i am a very lazy person)
it was absolutely insane from not doing anything on a saturday to a non-stop work day!!

if i were to be asked if i had liked it?
i would probably say a yes, why?
because it was fun and new and exciting eventhough i was extremely tired after..
all that work was most definitely worth it! and i even lost a few kilos cause i didn't eat anything that day but fruits and water!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

moving houses!!

Hello hello, how are all of you doing???!! Well,I hope?
How has your day been so far?
Let me tell you bout mine..
The plan for today was to help my brother move houses!
We started our day at 10am and we headed out of the house at 11:20am to make our way to the jousing estate which is 40 minutes from where we are staying now..after we collected the keys from the housing agent or something like that,we had to put all of my brother's things to the house before we could take in the other stuff! he was staying in Shepparton, Melbourne before and now he is moving to west Melbourne..
We had to actually make three trips to that housing estate cause there were just way too much stuff(my mum brought stuff from Malaysia) for just one trip!
After the first trip,we picked up my sister and went to Chadstone to get some L.O.T.F(Lord of The Fries) cause we just cool like that and it good!! Yum yum yummmeh!!
We finished moving all the stuff at 8:30pm and went to the house where we left our sister at..
I thought our job for the day was done but it wasn't at all!! I mean not at all!! The house(the other house that is located at Clayton) that my sister was in had to be cleaned as well cause they'll be people who will come soon to rent the rooms there! So I had to sweep and mop the kitchen and dining area!! Ughh!! Took ages..been such a busy seriously!
When we finished cleaning for the day( we have to go back tomorrow morning to finish cleaning everything) I find out that we had to load the car AGAIN for the bloody fourth time cause my aunty used to live there but she just recently got married so she moved most of her belongings to her husbands place and we had to bring in the rest of the stuff to her(cause we are staying at her place at the moment) and there are still more to be taken to her tomorrow!!!
Well,I think I should end it here cause I'm sort of losing my track of what I'm writing about and to be honest,I can't really remember what I had just written.
It's been a busy day and it will be busy tomorrow and the day after cause we have other houses to clean cause we renting out a lot of it and heaps of work has to be done to get it ready! So I shall be off to bed cause I'm tired!! See you guys!! I love you!! xoxo

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back home AGAIN!!

Hey everyone, I am back and I have some news!! I'm in Melbourne for a week spending time with my relatives and my siblings before I leave to Malaysia again for the last time!! It's sad but exciting at the same time cause this will be my last trip in two years!! Don't understand why I'm excited to be honest but I am!! And I'm only gonna be back for around 10 days due to school!! So to all my Malaysian readers..I bid you a hello and we shall have to meet up sometime next week as that is when I shall be back home!! Chinese new year, here I come!!! Again, wasn't planning this to be a long post.. I just wanted to inform everyone and tell you that. Will most definitely try to blog as much as I can!!
That you for reading everyone and I love you!!!!
Oh and I'll also be back home not only for Chinese new year but also for my parents 25th wedding anniversary which is excellent!!!
Anyways, I'm exhausted as I travelled for 10 hours today from orange to Melbourne!! Goodnight everyone an that care!!!

Ade Chen